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I wear many hats – a founder, producer, educator, curator, creative director, visual artist, designer and caretaker. I am passionate about building communities, bridging cultural gaps, creating experiences that spark inspiration and sense of connection. I enjoy meaning-making and connecting the dots.  

In work, I value efficiency, alignment and clear communication, and in life, I value people, freedom and openness, but more often than not, work and life are intricately intertwined. 

I’m occasionally a party-thrower, frequently the decision-maker and always a daydreamer.


01 Founder and Director of Process / Practice

Process and Practice is a consulting agency bridging creative brands with audiences in LA and Asia. With Co-Founder and Director David Wynn, we specialize in culture building strategies for businesses across fields of art, design, fashion, food / beverage, and hospitality.

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Dec 2022–present

02 Founder and Director of GOBI

GOBI is a curatorial initiative that softens boundaries between Art–Culture and Aesthetic–Function. Through exhibitions, experiences, and collaborations, GOBI highlights contemporary artists, designers and cultural producers of Korea and diasporic communities in Los Angeles. 

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Feb 2021–present

03 Founder and Director of Drawwing Cabinet 

Drawwing Cabinet is an artist-run educational studio in La Crescenta, CA, offering K-12 art classes, workshops for adults, and art-related public programming for companies and organizations. By creating opportunities for learning and sharing of skills, ideas, and resources, Drawwing Cabinet aims to build a pluralistic platform where a multitude of creative thinkers intersect and continue to mutually inspire and support one another.

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Oct 2020–present

04 Art Specialist

Aside from curating and directing GOBI exhibitions, I am currently LA Director of BAIK ART and have participated as art specialist in university lectures, panel discussions, curatorial committees and juried grant opportunities.

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05 Film & Video Producer
Studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts meant having a lot of filmmaker friends always looking for help around their sets. What began as a couple weekends being a helpful friend ended in almost ten years of production experience working with companies like Netflix, Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and so on. 

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06 Visual Artist

My definition of artmaking is pursuing something one truly believes in and embedding a language to that belief outside of the textual. With this definition, I was able to venture out into other creative endeavors, such as creating my own brand and companies. Although I still consider myself as an artist, here are some examples of past works that fit under the category of visual art. 

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07 Graphic Designer

I’ve always been intrigued by graphic design, especially when it becomes something tactile. Formerly, I designed  music albums, posters, books, and logos and currently, I am designing all marketing materials for Process / Practice and Drawwing Cabinet. 

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