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I wear many hats – a founder, producer, educator, curator, creative director, visual artist, designer and caretaker. I am passionate about building communities, bridging cultural gaps, creating experiences that spark inspiration and sense of connection. I enjoy meaning-making and connecting the dots.  

In work, I value efficiency, alignment and clear communication, and in life, I value people, freedom and openness, but more often than not, work and life are intricately intertwined. 

I’m occasionally a party-thrower, frequently the decision-maker and always a daydreamer.


Journey as Art Specialist

My first job in the art world was assisting author and curator Fred Ritchin in his curation of Bodies in Question at the 2010 New York Photo Festival. In 2013, I was curatorial assistant for two more exhibitions Ritchin curated in Montevideo, Uruguay and Jeonju, South Korea. 

In my undergrad, I studied history of photography, modern art history and contemporary art in New York and Paris, which helped me understand that histories are biased storytelling with validation. This understanding led me to be curious about how this story would be told in my motherland. 

Of many reasons I decided to book a one-way ticket to Korea in 2014, learning about the Korean contemporary art scene was one of them. Upon settling in Seoul, I came across a volunteer opportunity to be a docent at Kiaf. The docent program was organized by an art consulting firm called IAN Art Consulting and they offered free training for volunteers. Within a week from my interview to volunteer as a docent, I was offered a full-time position at the company. 

At IAN Art Consulting, I had the privilege of working with art fairs such as Kiaf and Craft Trend Fair, governmental organizations such as KAMS, as well as international art companies such as Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Benesse Holdings and Barcelona Gallery Weekend

After deciding to continue my studies in art in the US, I continued to work with the company as a freelance art specialist. Aside from curating and directing GOBI exhibitions, I am currently LA Director of BAIK ART and have participated as art specialist in university lectures, panel discussions, curatorial committees and juried grant opportunities.

Notable Experiences
–    Director, Los Angeles at BAIK ART
–    Founder / Director at GOBI
–    Art specialist for San Gabriel Valley Aquatic Center civic art selection panel
–    Juror for Tom Drysdale Production Fund Award
–    Juror for Tobias Award
–    Producer for Kenny Scharf’s Scharf Shack x Peaches partnership
–    VIP art tour specialist for KIAF
–    Guest lecturer for Kaywon University of Art & Design
–    Instructional Graduate Assistant for Art BFA Foundation at CalArts
–    Organizing committee for Time is Out of Joint at MAK Center for Art and Architecture

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