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I wear many hats – a founder, producer, educator, curator, creative director, visual artist, designer and caretaker. I am passionate about building communities, bridging cultural gaps, creating experiences that spark inspiration and sense of connection. I enjoy meaning-making and connecting the dots.  

In work, I value efficiency, alignment and clear communication, and in life, I value people, freedom and openness, but more often than not, work and life are intricately intertwined. 

I’m occasionally a party-thrower, frequently the decision-maker and always a daydreamer.


Design Work Samples
2009 to present

Design CV

Photography and Album Artwork; Moon and Sun, Seyun Park
Album Artwork and Graphic Design; Earthman, Kichan Lee, L’July Entertainment
Cover and Editorial Design; STAY, Taejae Lee
Logo Design; AUM (meditation space)
DVD Artwork and Marketing Materials; Marginal Man, Suyee Jung
Album Artwork; Freely, Naturally, Jinju Yi; Windmill Entertainment
Album Artwork; The Prayer, Yungon Kim; Audioguy Records
Logo Design; Furvely (pet apparel brand)
Logo Design; Moonleekho (fashion apparel brand)
Photography and Album Artwork; Mother’s Cup, Joochan Im; Mirrorball Jazz World
Graphic Design; Reflection Concert Posters; 7000 Miles / EnLive Entertainment
Album Artwork; Reflection (10/10); Youngjoo Song; Sony Music
Photography and Album Artwork; Tales of A Dreamer, Hyungjin Choi
Photography and Album Artwork; Between, Youngjoo Song; Sony Music
Photography; Allant Trio (
Album Art Direction and Graphic Design; With You, Soyoung Kim; Sony Music
Illustration and Graphic Design; Faithful Clarinet, Hana Kim
Photography and Album Artwork; Tale of A City, Youngjoo Song; Sony Music
Photography and Graphic Design; Ditmars Blues; The Ditmars Four
Exhibition Design; From the Other Side; Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo
Poster Design; Department of Photography & Imaging; New York University
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