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I wear many hats – a founder, producer, educator, curator, creative director, visual artist, designer and caretaker. I am passionate about building communities, bridging cultural gaps, creating experiences that spark inspiration and sense of connection. I enjoy meaning-making and connecting the dots.  

In work, I value efficiency, alignment and clear communication, and in life, I value people, freedom and openness, but more often than not, work and life are intricately intertwined. 

I’m occasionally a party-thrower, frequently the decision-maker and always a daydreamer.


Process and Practice (P/P) is a consulting agency bridging creative brands with audiences in LA and Asia. Founded and directed by Jenny Eom and David Wynn, P/P specializes in culture building strategies for businesses across fields of art, design, fashion, food / beverage, and hospitality.


01 Frieze 91: Mezcal, Makgeolli and Mixology
September 2023

Project: Mezcal, Makgeolli and Mixology
Venue: Blue Jae by Nostalgia

With Frieze 91’s goal of providing location-specific (Seoul) programming for their local and international members, we brought together key players shaping the dynamic cultural landscape of Seoul. With every aspect of this exclusive tasting experience carefully curated to tell the nuanced stories of where Korean tradition meets the global contemporary, members were invited to taste three different expressions of Madre Mezcal, the finely brewed Bukchon Mak- geolli, and world-class mixology by Bar Cham and Bar Gong Gan, alongside works by Seoul based artist Jihyun Park.

We secured partnerships with Nostalgia (high-end hanok hotel), Madre Mezcal (certified artisanal mezcal), Bukchon Makgeolli (pres- idential award-winning rice wine), and Baik Art (Seoul based art gallery), cutting venue, product, and installation cost to zero.

With a strong and friendly relationship with top-tier mixologists in the country, we invited Bar Cham (#13 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars) and Bar Gong Gan (emerging star in the scene) to create signiture cocktails that reflected the theme of Korean tradition meeting global contemporary while incorporating sponsored products.

We also collaborated with culinary journalist and emmy-winning director Antonio Diaz of Life & Thyme to cover the event, to tell the story to Life & Thyme’s global audience. The event was well-at- tended by local journalists and editors from Harpar’s Bazaar, Luxury Magazine, and more.

In order to respect the historical architecture as well as the work- flow of mixologiests, we implemented a thorough RSVP structure, where guests checked in at Nostalgia’s welcome center and were escorted to the venue in three different sessions.

02 Mezcal Master Class with Soohyang
August 2023

Project: Mezcal Master Class
Venue: The Perfume Club by Soohyang

One of the biggest challenges in launching Madre Mezcal in Seoul is that the category of mezcal itself is a new category for consumers in Seoul. One of the ways we tackeld this challenge was to create a bridge between mezcal and smokey fragrances, which are not only familiar to the Seoul consumers, but regarded as luxurious and trendy.

The Mezcal Master Class was held in partnership with Soohyang, a brand that pioneered the scent trend in Korea. In the span of two hours, guests were invited to learn about the process of distilling mezcal, taste the three different expressions of Madre and expe- rience high-end fragrances that resemble notes in the spirits they are tasting.

For the first iteration, we invited influencers, industry movers and shakers, editors and journalists to create a splash on the social me- dia and editorial landscape.

The class was followed by a DIY highball bar, where guests creat- ed their own combinations of mezcal, flavored soda and garnish. Currently, there is a huge highball trend in Korea, and because most people are familiar with how a highball is made, substituting the spirit with mezcal was a easy way to illustrate the versatility of mezcal. The highball bar sparked relaxed conversations and led to deeper networking opportunities.

These Mezcal Master Classes are now being offered at The Perfume Club by Soohyang on a regular basis through an app called Frip (comparable to Airbnb experiences).

03 Leebukbang x Madre Mezcal
August 2023

Project: Leebukbang x Madre Mezcal
Venue: Leebukbang

The Leebukbang x Madre Mezcal pop-up event presented an eight course Korean-Mexican dining experience paired with a mezcal highball, three expressions of Madre Mezcal and a mezcal-infused dessert cocktail. The menu was designed by Leebukbang’s Executive Chef Jihyung Choi. The intimate atmostphere of this 12-seat restaurant prompted in-depth conversations between diners, host, chefs and servers, allowing for a deeper understanding of the flavors, experience and brand identity of both Leebukbang and Madre Mezcal.

04 Drunken Tiger
December 2022

Project: Drunken Tiger Year-End Party
Venue: kodo

2022 was the year of the Black Water Tiger. Following the year of the Tiger, which is about activating change, highlighting injustices, and breaking down barriers, the Rabbit modifies and refines, smoothes and repairs the necessary damage that has been passed onto from the previous period. As we said goodbye to the chaos and tumult of the departing Black Water Tiger and prepared to greet the Black Water Rabbit – known to be gentle and quiet – we threw an year-end party, bringing together Asian-American creatives and entrepreneurs in LA.

We invited DJ DOMCAKE to play some of the most iconic 90’s K-pop music, projected all the quintessential music videos and served retro Korean bar snacks. With about 200 guests in attendance, we sang our favorite songs in harmony, pulled off nostalgic dance moves and drank so-maek (soju+beer) and maek-cal (mezcal+beer) to celebrate the year-end. 
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